Doug West was born in the unmusical town of Topeka, Kansas (the same place that launched the super-group "Kansas"), but has spent most of his adult life in the musical state of Oklahoma. "I've had the opportunity to meet much of the talent from Oklahoma, and once did an interview with Garth Brooks and his parents." My musical influences range from Elvis to the Tom Petty and all points in between. Damn the Genre! The new single from Southern Rocker/Indie artist Doug West. The song is titled “Got It Made” and features Lee Evans on lead guitar. This is the first release from the upcoming Album titled “Damn The Genre - Full Speed Ahead” The song focuses on how some people act who claim to be Christian, and covers situations that many folks will be able to relate to (sometimes in a humorous way, other times more serious).
Doug West, like many artists today writes songs that cross many genre lines. “I understand the need to put music into some kind of genre, but not artists. I think we should be free to write whatever kind of music we are inspired to write, without being limited to a genre” West explained. “This album will have tunes from Rock to reggae. I think you can tell it is all the same artist. Some of the songs mix up flavors from many styles of music. If you look at the Stones or other super groups, they have songs that are Country, Rock, Dance, Pop, you name it” stated West.
West recently lost his father, and many in the family feel his brother had something to do with it. He quickly came up with a phony will to hijack the estate. This experience led West to do a lot of research into abuse of the elderly. “I had no idea how wide spread this problem is! Happens all the time. So you see that topic come up in a few of the tunes on this album – Got It Made, Greed, Cadillac Tan – it all stems from this mess with my brother” recounted West. “I've had many people tell me their family stories. I hope the album can bring more awareness to the problem” he continued. Hear Doug's new single on BANDCAMP